Oral health and smoking

Oral health and smoking

Smoking is harmful, so do not smoke!

The open mouth of a chronic smoker tell all. First, we smell a characteristic breath on nicotine, then we notice a change in the color of the teeth, the yellow spots that are actually the deposits of tar caused by the burning of tobacco.

The change in the color of aesthetic white dental fillings is the most frequent reason for visiting a dentist and a subjective feeling of change in taste, as well as chronic dryness of the mouth. Smoking has been proven to be harmful to gums.

Tobacco weakens the natural defensive ability of the body. A smoker’s blood contains a small amount of A and C vitamins. Smoking changes the oral flora in the mouth, the tongue is coated, gums are lightly inflamed, the mucous membrane is dry.

Treatment of paradentopathy in smokers is not successful …


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