First visit to the dentist

First visit to the dentist

Take your three-year-old child to a check-up, when its time for you to go.

Tip: Announce a child’s check-up and leave out notices such as: you should not be scared, everything will be fine, be good, etc.

  • Teach your child from a young age that visiting a dentist is a normal thing every six months.
  • Do not speak in the presence of a child about pain and unpleasant things.
  • You do not need to be courageous for your child when you sit on a dental chair.
  • A dentist needs to become your child’s friend and the child should have confidence in him.

Do you need to extract milk teeth and when?

Milk teeth are extracted only if there is no place for the growth of permanent teeth. In most cases, milk teeth will come out on their own.Sometimes it can happen that permanent teeth grow behind the milk ones.

During the growth and change of the teeth, various disorders can occur in the installation of teeth, therefore careful attention should be paid to the growth and tooth changing in order to be able to intervene in time.

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