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Correct maintenance of oral hygiene

Teeth should be brushed after every meal, but once a day, it is necessary to devote a little more time to teeth and gum. It’s best to do it in the evening before going to bed. It is necessary to clean the teeth with dental floss as well. It is important that this part of … Continue reading

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How to choose a toothbrush?

The first toothbrushes were brushes made from natural fibers, but turned out to be insufficiently good primarily because of inefficient cleansing the bacteria from the oral cavity. Today’s brushes are made of artificial fibers and have a better effect. Although the market is full of great choices, when choosing, you should pay attention to the … Continue reading

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Oral health and smoking

Smoking is harmful, so do not smoke! The open mouth of a chronic smoker tell all. First, we smell a characteristic breath on nicotine, then we notice a change in the color of the teeth, the yellow spots that are actually the deposits of tar caused by the burning of tobacco. The change in the … Continue reading

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Pregnacy and teeth

Treatments for the care and treatment of teeth during pregnancy It is known that due to the increased activity of the hormones in pregnancy there is an increased tendency towards gum inflamation. Gums are slightly swollen and very sensitive. If there is insufficient care of the oral cavity, the plaque will stick to the tooth … Continue reading

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First visit to the dentist

Take your three-year-old child to a check-up, when its time for you to go. Tip: Announce a child’s check-up and leave out notices such as: you should not be scared, everything will be fine, be good, etc. Teach your child from a young age that visiting a dentist is a normal thing every six months. … Continue reading

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